My Communion with St John Henry Cardinal Newman

My Communion with St John Henry Cardinal Newman

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“Please Cardinal Newman, help me walk so that
I can return to my classes and be ordained.”
And the miracle happened...

Jack Sullivan has put together a remarkable record not only of his own miraculous cure but also of the testimony of others who have interceded with John St John Henry Cardinal Newman and found comfort and healing. In a world which gives credence, almost without exception, only to scientific facts, the scientific evidence of his cure is not only a great challenge but also an invitation to faith in God.
H.E. Cardinal Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster

Attributing powerful physical healings, including his own, to his communion with Cardinal Newman, in these pages, Deacon Jack Sullivan will invite you into a heart-to-heart relationship with Jesus, through the holiness and sometimes miraculous intercession of St. John Henry Newman.
Bishop Robert P. Reed Auxiliary Bishop of Boston

The history of our faith has many examples of those whom the Lord has chosen as his mouthpiece for the people of their day, quite often those who didn’t know why they were chosen but who spoke profoundly of their encounter with the Lord. Deacon Jack Sullivan and his wife Carol have encountered the Lord in a very particular way through Jack’s healing through the intercession of Cardinal John Henry Newman. Deacon Jack has embraced this favor, from the Lord and grown in a love of the Lord through Communion with St John Henry Newman. He has spent his life sharing the joy that this encounter has given him. To learn of the Lord’s goodness through a recipient of it is very special.
Monsignor Timothy Menezes Priest of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, UK

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